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Guangyong Lido Hotel

Guangyong Lido Hotel

Green low-carbon environmental protection, the preferred hotel of business travelers

——Guangyong Lido Hotel

Guangyong Lido Hotel was designed for commercial and business tourists. In the past two years more than 300 rooms of the hotel has been fully renovated. Recently the new modern deluxe business rooms located between the 27th to the 29th floor in the hotel, which are simple, neat, comfortable, low-carbon, “green” style of decoration has become the customer's most preferred choice. Its main manifestations are as follows:

Ⅰ. Care for guests’ health and advocate the concept of green low-carbon life

The hotel spends much energy with set up “GranderTM” living water system, which is from Austria, widely used in European and American countries, just currently popularized in China. Our hotel is the first batch of users to install the system. The inspection report of Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention had already indicated that the water quality of the secondary water supply system in full compliance with the standard of living water, and the inspection results are far beyond the value of the required standards. The

system which not only improve dissolved oxygen, clean power, solvency of the water itself, but also destroy the fertility of bacteria in the water, inhibit the growth of bacteria in the water, make water stored longer and so on, the system increase, oxygen of the water itself, then you can enjoy healthy water resources.

Ⅱ. The decoration style stresses business multi-functional, comfortable and practical concept

The deluxe business floor rooms are configured within fax machines, fiber-optic broadband network for guests’ convenience to use; The elevator hall and hallway floor tiles are clean and bright, the pattern shape endowed with modern, the room carpets using new material are felt soft and comfortable. The rooms’ decoration styles are based on elegant, refreshing and set up the LED lamp; Moreover, hotel has different styles’ deluxe business suites, which are equipped with massage bathtubs, dressing tables, closets and so on. They are spacious and bright, so that your business travel fatigue vanished, and you can enjoy the comfortable and arbitrary journey time.

The deluxe business rooms are spacious, bright, modern, comfortable, practical, low-carbon environmentally protection design and decoration concept, which are the preferred choice for your business travel accommodation.

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